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Shelly 3EM Smart Intermediate Wi-Fi Switch in White Color

Shelly 3EM Smart Intermediate Wi-Fi Switch in White Color

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The Shelly 3EM is a professional Shelly solution for power measurement in three-phase systems, suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

This system offers the ability to monitor energy consumption in three different points or in a single-phase system, with the measurement accuracy reaching 120A per phase.

In addition to consumption, with Shelly 3EM one can also record the energy production from solar systems, while it is also possible to monitor the consumption per phase in real time.

Additionally, by comparing consumption per phase to neutral, the Shelly 3EM can detect deviations that could indicate power theft.


Technical Characteristics

  • 110-230V ±10, 50/60Hz AC, Shelly 3EM is compatible with all major international voltage standards.
  • Small size: 3mm x 57mm x 22mm
  • Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Precise power meter 3 pcs. 120A
  • power adapters are included with the product
  • MQTT support, Rest API
  • 365 days consumption history stored on the device (even in offline mode)
  • User friendly charts
  • Relay output for contact control: max 10 A

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