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Huluni Type 2 Charging Cable 11 KW 5m

Huluni Type 2 Charging Cable 11 KW 5m

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The Huluni Type 2 Charging Cable 11 KW 5m, provides the ideal solution for charging your electric vehicle safely and efficiently.

With packing dimensions of 36.6 x 33.79 x 9.9 cm and weighing only 2.75 kg, this charging cable is easy to carry and use.

Made with an emphasis on quality and durability, it has a high-quality copper cable and offers safe charging with a power of 16 Amps and a voltage of 480 volts, achieving a total power of 11 KW.

It is ideal for users looking for speed and efficiency in charging their electric vehicle.

This advanced charging cable also has special features such as IP54 waterproof protection, offering reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

Its construction is guaranteed to stand the test of time, providing reliability and ease of use.

Whether it is for everyday charging at home or for use in public charging areas, the Huluni Type 2 Charging Cable 11 KW 5m is the ideal choice for electric vehicle owners looking for the best possible charging experience.

Technical Features

Manufacturer HULUNI
Package dimensions 36.6 x 33.79 x 9.9 cm; 2.75kg
Product Model Number 5M-16A-11kw
Manufacturer Part Number 5M-16A-11kw
Special Features IP54 Waterproof, High Quality Copper Wire
Power 16 Amps
Voltage 480 Volts
Power 11 KW
Product weight 2.75 kg

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