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Inverter Kostal Piko MP Plus 3.0-1 3000W Single-phase

Inverter Kostal Piko MP Plus 3.0-1 3000W Single-phase

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The Inverter Kostal Piko MP Plus 3.0-1 3000W is a high-performance professional product designed to make full use of solar energy in your system.

With a rated power of 3000W, this inverter provides extremely high power output, ensuring the efficient operation of your solar system.

It has 1 independent MPPT detector, which allows the exact detection of the maximum power point for each solar panel.

This greatly improves system performance in various lighting conditions, allowing you to harness the full power of your panels.

Its installation is quick and easy thanks to the plug & play function. This allows you to connect the inverter quickly and easily to your solar system, without complicated procedures.

The Kostal solar app provides real-time data, allowing you to monitor and analyze your system's performance via your mobile or tablet.

This feature helps you get timely system performance updates 24/7.

Finally, it has an IP65 degree of protection, offering resistance to dust and water!


Technical Features

  • High Performance
  • Single Phase Inverter
  • Rated power 3000W
  • 1 independent MPPT detector
  • Rated frequency (fr) Hz 50 - 60
  • Plug & play installation
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Real time data with Kostal solar app
  • IP65 degree of protection
  • Dimensions 657x399x222 mm
  • Weight 13.8kg
  • 5 year warranty
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