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MPPT Solar Charge Controller 80A MPPT48V

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 80A MPPT48V

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Charging regulator suitable for installations up to 80A at 48V. This is MPPT type.

MPPT Charge Controllers determine the appropriate charge levels of the batteries providing small losses in their actual performance.

Compared to PWMs that distribute about 80% of the generated energy of the PV Panel to the batteries, the remaining energy of about 20% is wasted because simple PWM charge controllers do not detect the peak power point of the PV frame.

Also, the intelligent functions of an MPPT regulator regarding the charging and equalization of the batteries, guarantee a better charging and maintenance of them, resulting in the extension of their life.

Based on the above, MPPT charge controllers are ideal for larger systems where additional energy harvesting of 20% or more is worthwhile and for situations where the solar array voltage is significantly higher than the battery voltage, e.g. . using house panels.

  • Type: MPPT
  • Max Voltage: 48V
  • Maximum Current: 80A
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