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SUNKEAN Solar Cable 4mm2 Black 50m

SUNKEAN Solar Cable 4mm2 Black 50m

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Introducing the SUNKEAN Solar Cable 4mm² Black 50m, the indispensable ally for any solar installation looking for reliability and durability.

This high-quality cable is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of modern solar systems, offering safe and efficient energy transfer.

With a length of 50 meters and a conductor diameter of 4mm², it is ideal for installing solar panels, connecting between the panels and the solar charge controller, and extending to the battery or grid.

Its black color ensures a discreet and professional appearance in any installation.

It stands out for its durability in difficult weather conditions, resisting UV radiation and moisture, thanks to the high-quality insulation that provides.

This cable is designed to provide maximum performance and ensure the safety of your installation for many years.
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