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ThinsGo Ev Type 2 Base Wallbox

ThinsGo Ev Type 2 Base Wallbox

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ThinsGo Ev Type 2 Base Wallbox is a premium solution for electric vehicle charging, designed for efficiency, safety and ease of use.

With the Type 2 connection standard, it is compatible with the majority of electric cars available on the European market, offering a flexible solution for private and professional users.

In addition, the Wallbox includes advanced safety features such as overload, current leakage and short-circuit protection, ensuring its safe operation in any situation.

With a modern and stylish design, the ThinsGo Ev Type 2 Base Wallbox integrates seamlessly into any environment, be it private homes, corporate parking lots or public charging facilities.

Its installation is simple and quick, ensuring you'll be ready to charge your electric vehicle with minimal preparation.

Finally, the ThinsGo Ev Type 2 Base Wallbox has smart features such as mobile app management, offering the ability to control charging remotely, schedule charging times to take advantage of lower energy prices, and monitor progress of charging in real time.

This functionality allows users to take full control and optimize their vehicle charging, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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